We think of the Regional Telco Magazine as storytelling with a purpose. And that purpose is to put your company and its services in the best light possible while also engaging, informing and entertaining the reader. In the abstract, that can seem like a tall order for words, graphics and photographs. But in practice, there’s a power in a print publication, an ability to connect one-to-one with a reader.

Each story should focus on making that connection.

Perhaps you want them to attend an annual meeting or to upgrade service. Often, you may wish them to add to their understanding of technology. Or, possibly, the goal is for the readers to simply enjoy a good story, pulling them into a magazine filled with other content you hope they see. Consider thinking of every story first in those terms, determining what action or reaction you want from your reader.

If the beam is too broad, things are dim and fuzzy at the edges. When it’s focused and bright, the view is clear and defined. Each story should strive for a centerpiece, the focus of the beam, such as a business owner, customer, educator — one touchstone that’s an example of the message you want to communicate.

Terms common in your world are most likely foreign to the average customer. For example, would a reader who just moved to your area know the true benefits of “fiber” technology? What about VoIP? The list can go on. Look to sprinkle explanatory stories in your magazine throughout the year, demystifying your services and showcasing the benefits they provide by using clear, direct language every reader can understand.

Always assume the reader has no background information, even if you’ve written about a topic multiple times. People move in and out of your community. Someone connects service for the first time. Or a family leaves a competitor and signs with you. Simply, each issue of your magazine reaches first-time readers. Whether in a stand-alone story or as a sidebar to a longer feature article, highlighting the benefits of your services provides details not only informative to the readers but also vital to the mission of promoting the benefits of broadband. Never assume readers understand your services.

Did you hear a funny story at church or at the grocery store? Is there an annual event that always brings a smile? Is there a character about town, the person who everyone finds engaging? Is there an amazing artist everyone knows and who also has a website reliant on your service? With a little forethought and creativity, we can put a fresh spin on stories about seemingly well known people, places and events that leave readers smiling as they learn a fresh nugget of info or reminisce about good times. And, you can have some fun doing it.