Two employees examining a map of the United StatesToday’s leading companies are focused on the overall customer experience. They know that every interaction a customer has with a company — from a phone call or a visit to the office to an encounter with a service technician at their home or in the field — impacts that’s customer’s overall satisfaction. A staff that is knowledgeable of all services you provide, exposed to customer experience concepts, and supported by ongoing training is key to your success. This is especially true for companies moving into new lines of service (such as electric cooperatives launching broadband).

Through our program, employees will learn:

  • The value of the overall customer experience
  • Broadband terms and technology, including speeds and equipment
  • How to talk to customers about the benefits of broadband, and reasons to sign up
  • How to answer customers’ questions and walk them through the sales/sign up process
  • The benefits of Wi-Fi, and how to avoid common pitfalls

For broadband providers, your customers will learn how to put the power of broadband to work in their lives through a broadband adoption program. This element flows throughout your comprehensive communications program, but also includes standalone training modules.