Stephen V. Smith

President & CEO
Michele Smith, Creative Director

Michele Smith

Creative Director
Jared Dovers, Chief Operating Officer

Jared Dovers

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Johns

Director of Marketing & Business Development
Kerry Scott, Director of Accounts

Kerry Scott

Director of Accounts
Noble Sprayberry, Editorial Director

Noble Sprayberry

Editorial Director
Elizabeth Wootten, Production Manager

Elizabeth Wootten

Production Manager
Matt Ledger, Account Manager

Matt Ledger

Account Manager
Tricia Smith, Project Manager

Tricia Smith

Project Manager
Jen Calhoun, Writer

Jen Calhoun

Will Gaines, Account Manager

Will Gaines

Account Manager
Lisa Savage, Writer

Lisa Savage

Drew Woolley, Writer

Drew Woolley

Anna Smith, Graphic Designer

Anna Smith

Graphic Designer
Melissa Gaines, Photographer

Melissa Gaines

Lucas Smith, Audio Engineer/Video Editor

Lucas Smith

Audio Engineer/Video Editor
Zach Moore, Digital Media Manager

Zach Moore

Digital Media Manager
Susan Bain, Account Manager

Susan Bain

Account Manager
Tim Eberhart, Design Coordinator

Tim Eberhart

Design Coordinator
Sarah Lancaster, Account Manager

Sarah Lancaster

Account Manager
Kathy Denes, Administrative Assistant

Kathy Denes

Administrative Assistant
John Clayton, Writer

John Clayton

Carrie Huckeby, Director of Strategy

Carrie Huckeby

Director of Strategy
Mark Gilliland, Photographer

Mark Gilliland

Erica Scott, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Erica Scott

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Jeremy Wise

Jeremy Wise

Katie Sampley

Katie Sampley

Graphic Designer
Andrea Agardy

Andrea Agardy

Assistant Editor
Brian Lazenby

Brian Lazenby

Marketing Services Writer

Jim Keiffer

Marketing Consultant
Cherokee Spivey

Cherokee Spivey

Graphic Designer