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Our company works with electric and telecommunications cooperatives serving primarily rural areas, many of them offering broadband service. Our mission is to help them tell their stories, market their services and train their people. As part of a larger digital project we are developing, we hope to create a series of podcasts on issues related to rural development and quality of life.

Podcast #1

We publish a bimonthly magazine for almost two dozen cooperative broadband companies across several states. These 16-page magazines feature 8 pages of local content and 8 pages of shared content, with the shared content customized slightly between the three regions (Southwest, Southeast and North Central). Samples maybe be found here:

We want to repurpose select feature articles from these magazines for a podcast. The reporter would work with our staff to choose appropriate articles, then develop a script for our review. I see three possible scenarios for the format:

  1. Narration only
  2. Narration plus audio from the subject that was captured by the writer of the print article (it’s unclear how much of this is available and what the quality is)
  3. Narration plus audio from the subject that is captured via a phone interview by the reporter

Once the format and script are finalized, the reporter would record the narration and submit it to us for final edit. We anticipate these episodes running in the 5- to 10-minute range.

Podcast #2

This program is similar to the above, but a longer format. These might focus on:

  1. A feature article we’ve already published
  2. A person, business or group we have yet to feature in the magazine
  3. A community or broadband provider, therefore requiring multiple interviews

While I envision these being reported on location, I’m open to phone interviews. The ideal reporter would be able to help us think through this process. We anticipate these episodes running in the 20- to 30-minute range.

The Reporter

For both programs, we are looking for a reporter with an understanding and appreciation of audio storytelling. We hope to find someone with some level of experience, but are quite open to working with someone in the early stages of their career as long as they possess the basic skills of audio reporting. This person would be working with a family-oriented company and representing us and our clients in their interactions with people. It is therefore of the utmost importance that they are friendly, professional and of high moral character. They should be dependable, with a strong work ethic. They should be excited about the opportunity to help launch something new and meaningful. An understanding of rural America and its issues is a major plus for this opportunity.

Working Arrangement

These projects are in development, so work will be on a contract basis to begin with. As it grows there are possibilities for different arrangements, although there are no guarantees. WordSouth owns all rights to all work.


Please submit resumé/overview of work, along with links to prior projects, to

Job Details

Payment will be negotiated on a per-project basis.
December 28, 2019
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