Top 5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2020

December 12, 2020By Andy Johns

Certainly, the events of 2020 changed plans for companies worldwide. Plans changed for WordSouth, especially when it came to StoryConnect: The Podcast. 

In other years, more than half of our podcast episodes might feature guests recorded live at conferences we attend. Most of those conferences didn’t happen in 2020, so we had to adapt. 

Additionally, we added a podcast to our portfolio with the creation of “Rural Broadband Today,” which launched in part as a response to the unprecedented levels of public interest and government funding for rural broadband. 

As we put together our annual Top 5 list, two themes emerge.  

We’ll acknowledge that the listenership stats for the No. 1 episode on our list were probably buoyed by our own staff wanting to hear what their new boss had to say. The other four on the list, however, seem to indicate listeners were both seeking perspective on navigating our new socially distanced world and in learning about opportunities and policies around broadband expansion. Thinking back on 2020, that makes perfect sense. 


Top 5 Most Popular WordSouth Podcasts in 2020

1. StoryConnect: WordSouth Acquired by Pioneer Utility Resources

Following the news that Oregon-based Pioneer Utility Resources had acquired WordSouth, Pioneer CEO Mike Shepard and WordSouth founder Stephen V. Smith joined the podcast to discuss what this means for the two companies and the industries they serve.


2. StoryConnect: “The Story of Freedom Fiber

Tombigbee Electric Cooperative was early to the game on fiber optics. What can other electrics learn from Tombigbee’s Freedom Fiber service?


3. StoryConnect: “An Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

Norvado became one of the first — but likely not the last — cooperative to hold its annual meeting virtually. How did they pull it off?


4. StoryConnect: “How To Be Human in a Digital World

At a time when we’re having more digital interactions than ever before, Megan McKoy-Noe’s new e-book “How to Be Human in a Digital World” provides tips on how your utility staff can maintain that critical human touch.


5. Rural Broadband Today: “RDOF, COVID and the FCC, With FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai discusses the state of rural broadband, the RDOF auction, the impact of COVID-19, and how rural broadband providers are improving the lives of their customers.


With almost 200 episodes between them, StoryConnect and Rural Broadband Today, offer a wealth of information to leadership and communicators in the broadband and electric distribution industry. Listen in on your favorite podcast platforms or


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