Our Top 10 Most Listened-to Podcast Episodes of 2018

January 18, 2019By Zach Moore

The start of the new year offers a chance to both look ahead and reflect on the things we learned and people we met in 2018.

Last year, WordSouth was fortunate to record more than 40 podcasts with many thought leaders and experts in the two industries we serve.

“The popularity of podcasts continues to explode,” said WordSouth CEO and co-founder Stephen Smith. “We’re very pleased to ride that wave and to create meaningful, convenient content for our clients and friends around the industries.”

By the end of 2018, WordSouth had released 124 podcast episodes all aimed at sharing marketing ideas or industry news from the rural telecom and electric distribution industries.

“We’d like to thank everyone who recorded with us,” Smith said. “Too often, the good work being done at independent electric providers and rural telcos goes unnoticed. StoryConnect: The Podcast gives us a chance to help them tell their stories so others can learn from them.”

Using traffic data, we’ve compiled a list of the most listened-to episodes of 2018. Enjoy!


#10 S3 E41 Survey Says: Video and Broadband Survey Results, With Scott Sobolewski

#9 S3 E38 KTA-TTA Joint Conference Preview, With Levoy Knowles

#8 S3 E15 Who is Booster the Broadband Buck? With Shanna Roe

#7 S3 E42 KTA-TTA Joint Conference Thoughts, With Tyler Campbell

#6 S3 E40 Ad Insertion Past, Present and Future, With Jeff Morrett

#5 S3 E2 What are you saying about Net Neutrality? With J.Ed. Marston

#4 S3 E8 Turning Bad Events into Good PR Part 2 With Kyle Randleman

#3 S3 E1 ‘Reinvigorating’ Computer And Device Repair, With Eric Gewiss

#2 S3 E34 From the Marketing Department to the GM’s Office, With Tim Brinkman

#1 S3 E37 Creating a New Brand Identity, With Rusty Moore


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