Other Podcasts We Love

January 18, 2019By Zach Moore

While we’re talking about podcasts, here are some of our staff favorites:

Carrie Huckeby
Director of Strategy & Training
Chris Jarvis Live Show
I like the podcast because it’s a wide range of subjects, although they do mainly focus on career and life. Chris is well-known in his creative field, so he talks to some big players. But he also talks to entrepreneurs, writers and musicians who have been chasing the dream for a long time.

Melissa Gaines
My Favorite Murder
I’m obsessed with this one, and I don’t care who knows it. It’s not exactly a PG rating, but those ladies can tell a story.

Andy Johns
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Effectively Wild
As a rabid baseball fan, I appreciate how this podcast goes deeper than the box scores and shares fun quirks, stories and unique ideas from the national pastime. I do appreciate the efforts they take to build a community of baseball nerds out of their listeners.

Zach Moore
Digital Media Manager
WDW Radio
WDW Radio is fantastic at scratching my insatiable Disney Parks itch. Even aside from that, its creator, Lou Mongello, is a case study in content marketing and creation, as well as knowing what your audience wants and needs to hear.

Stephen Smith
The Entreleadership Podcast
The Entreleadership Podcast, from the Dave Ramsey organization, features interviews with some of today’s top leadership and business thinkers. The show is a powerful personal development tool, no matter what line of work or place in life you find yourself.

Sarah Lancaster
Account Manager
This podcast takes you on a behind-the-scenes look of murderers and interviews victims, historians, etc. The host, Phoebe Judge, has a great voice that I find relaxing, even though the material discussed isn’t.

Will Gaines
Account Manager
Glass Case of Emotion
NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney has become one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers because of this podcast. He talks very little about racing and focuses more on topics like “Star Wars,” Marvel movies and trending topics on social media. Very funny stuff.

Jen Calhoun
Conan Needs a Friend
I’m really loving “Conan Needs a Friend” with Conan O’Brien. It just reminds me that he’s a super-funny, incredibly intelligent guy.

Jared Dovers
Chief Operating Officer
Pints with Aquinas
You don’t have to be a theologian or a drinker to enjoy this podcast. Host and touring speaker Matt Fradd takes time each week to tackle modern dilemmas by using the wisdom of one of the Church’s greatest thinkers.


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