Project: WEC Lineman Appreciation Day

June 14, 2018By Zach Moore


Wiregrass Electric Cooperative has always actively communicated appreciation of its linemen as part of the cooperative’s identity. Because of this, the communities in WEC’s service area have a high awareness and support of WEC linemen as well.


In 2014, WEC held its first Lineman Appreciation Day luncheon. Since then, the luncheon has become a popular annual event. Co-op members, local politicians and families of the line crews are invited to come celebrate and are encouraged to show their support on social media with the hashtag #ThankALineman. The event is also covered by local press.


WEC linemen are reminded regularly that they have the support and the thanks of the community as well as cooperative management. Additionally, WEC receives excellent public relations for the event through a number of different news outlets, word of mouth and social media.



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