Project: The Peoples Connection — Speakeasy Coffeehouse

April 13, 2018By Zach Moore


Peoples Telephone Cooperative in Quitman, Texas, periodically features a small business in their Connection magazine. Small-business features highlight members from the community and help tell their stories, such as how they were founded or their areas of expertise.

Aside from helping build community through storytelling, features can often attract new customers to a business as well.


The March/April edition of The Peoples Connection featured Speakeasy — a coffee shop in downtown Quitman. In addition to an interview with the owner, Kelly Kieke, WordSouth shot images of various drinks, the shop and its patrons for use in the article.


During the month that followed magazine publication, Kieke reported a 12 percent overall increase in their sales. On one occasion, tourists from a neighboring town who had received the magazine by accident decided to visit the establishment after reading the article. Kieke also reported near-daily autograph requests. Such a response from the community further established Peoples Telephone Cooperative as a friend of small business in their community.


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