Project: ‘Do You Need The Help Desk?’ T-Shirts – Murfreesboro Electric Department

February 15, 2018By Zach Moore


Murfreesboro Electric Department wanted to communicate to its employees that they were encouraged to approach the I.T. Help Desk when they were having computer issues, rather than to suffer in silence. Because the project was intended to make employees more comfortable with something, the client decided that they wanted the approach to be humorous.


A playful flowchart, which featured scenarios in which one may or may not want to approach the help desk, was designed to be printed on T-shirts for employees. Reasons and possible solutions included things like “Is it plugged in?” and “Do you need relationship advice?”


Apart from being thankful for free T-shirts, employees of Murfreesboro Electric Department were reminded in a fun way that the help desk was available to help them when necessary, which will help prevent productivity loss due to technical issues in the future.



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