Project: Fiber for Martin Billboard – WK&T Telecommunications

December 29, 2017By Zach Moore



West Kentucky & Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative was preparing to start construction on fiber lines in the city of Martin, Tennessee. They realized quickly that a vast array of marketing strategies would need to be used together to alert the public. The company had little-to-no name recognition in the area, and many of their would-be customers might not have a firm understanding of why they should be excited about having access to fiber internet.


A series of billboards was designed and placed on routes frequently traveled by residents of Martin. The colors were that of WK&T’s logo, which would introduce passersby to a brand they would hopefully become familiar with. Short, concise messages informed residents that high-speed internet was coming to their area.


The billboards conveyed effectively that fiber internet was coming to Martin and that WK&T was inviting residents to ask questions and follow along as they helped to shape the future of the town.



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