PRTC Featured In CNN Money Article About Rural Broadband

December 29, 2017By Zach Moore

In a recent article for CNN Money, Lydia DePillis wrote about the residents of rural Kentucky and the uphill climb to affordable, reliable broadband many face. The article tells stories that most who work in the telco industry are familiar with: a woman gets a chance at stable employment by telecommuting, a public school administrator is forced to make compromises to accommodate students without internet at home, and a bustling coffeehouse provides the most reliable internet to residents of a small town.

In addition to stories about the direct effect of broadband on a rural community’s quality of life, the piece examines the conversation about funding that is taking place in legislatures and boardrooms alike. This includes the $600,000 investment Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative has recently made to get fiber internet to public institutions in Lee County.

In a section of the article headed “The broadband revolution missed a spot,” these stories culminate to paint a picture of rural U.S. regions that have seen the impact of broadband — and others that have been left behind. The piece itself is indicative of a growing public awareness of not only the need for reliable broadband, but also the fact that a sizable portion of the country is still waiting for it.

You can read the article in full here.


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