Project: ‘Baby Come Back’ Postcards – NCTC

December 15, 2017By Zach Moore


North Central Telephone Cooperative wanted to create a mailout campaign to run in the latter months of 2017. The recipients needed to be former customers who had deactivated their service with NCTC during the first half of the year, and the campaign’s message would need to be based on the idea that the majority of them did so due to the price of service.


We created a series of designs for what were internally referred to as “Baby Come Back” postcards. The graphics were designed to show a playful, unintimidating side of the company while offering a promotional discount to customers who reactivated their service.



NCTC had a fun marketing campaign that reached its former customers directly. The postcards effectively reminded recipients why NCTC’s products and services were superior to competitors’ offerings in a noninvasive way.



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