Project: 2016 Annual Report – Wiregrass Electric Cooperative

November 30, 2017By Zach Moore


Cooperatives are unique among businesses in that they are member-owned, which makes communication between provider and consumer paramount. Wiregrass Electric Cooperative needed a way to express to its members that they alone are the reason for WEC’s existence. Additionally, WEC members are personally invested in the well-being of their cooperative, and therefore deserve to have insight into its inner workings.


Wiregrass Electric Cooperative’s 2016 Annual Report is a succinct document that was handed out at the cooperative’s annual meeting. It features easy-to-read graphs with financial information and member satisfaction survey results, as well as photos of members that were used in the year-long “You Are Our Reason” campaign.


The annual report told a human story and reminded members that all of the work WEC does on a daily basis is to serve them, while simultaneously presenting important information in an aesthetically pleasing, easily processed way.



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