Did You Know?

November 15, 2017By Zach Moore


A client in the telecommunications industry was prepared to introduce fiber optic internet to a rural community where the company had little, or no, brand recognition. With significant resources already committed to building the network, the client recognized a critical need to educate their new customer base about the benefits of fiber optic internet, including the gains in performance and reliability compared to existing networks.


We decided a social media program offered the most efficient way to launch an education campaign. We designed 20 graphics containing facts about fiber, and we branded them with the slogan “Did You Know?” For several months, the graphics appeared on Facebook and Twitter two to three times weekly.


While construction of the fiber network neared completion, the client was able to market an unfamiliar technology, grow their brand recognition, and engage their social media audience. We’ve since used campaigns such as this for other clients with similar needs.



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