Project: Promo Plus – WK&T Telecommunications

October 25, 2017By Zach Moore


Educating consumers about the benefits of broadband and the services it makes possible requires an ongoing commitment to sharing your message. With the attention of today’s consumer fractured across multiple channels (print, TV, audio, Facebook, etc.) our clients were looking for ways to extend the consistent messaging the were doing through the Regional Telco Magazine, and to do so in a cost-effective manner.


Telecommunications companies who participate in WordSouth’s Regional Telco Magazine use the premium back page ad space to promote their services. Using feedback from clients, we developed a suite of tiered design services based on the singe-page promo. Our designers repurpose the back page into Facebook cover images, digital slides for local ad insertion, lobby posters, radio ads and more.




Participating clients now have an automatic, economical way to share a consistent message across multiple channels while maintaining brand identity in each format. The bi-monthly magazine cycle allows our clients to take advantage of seasonal marketing trends, and to increase the likelihood of their customers engaging with their message through the various formats covered under their chosen Promo Plus package.


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