PBS Cites Rural Broadband Void

August 6, 2017By Stephen V. Smith

In the days when the three networks were all we had to watch on our 19-inch TV, there was a fourth space on the knob that opened up new worlds for me (and no doubt for millions of other kids). Public television did more than reinforce what I was learning in school; it used engaging methods to teach language, math, history and civics. This approach not only exposed, it taught.

Raise your hand if you’re like me and cannot recite the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution without singing this song.

I recently ran across the video below that promotes the value of PBS. I found it interesting that they reference the lack of broadband access in rural America, and position PBS as standing in the gap, to a degree, by providing educational programming. While television is no substitute for the nearly unlimited resources accessible over the internet, I have no doubt PBS continues to play an important role in educating America’s children — just like it did for me a few decades ago.


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