Why Should I Attend StoryConnect: The Conference?

July 21, 2017By Stephen V. Smith

A few years ago, our team had a pretty great idea. Several of our telco clients who participate in the Regional Telco Magazine were at a meeting where we were making a presentation. We pulled them all together for lunch one day and had a great time sharing ideas, talking about the collaborative project and simply enjoying the fellowship.

We all agreed that we should do it again, except for more than quick a lunch. The WordSouth team decided we should host a standalone meeting, a conference, just for these folks. The more we brainstormed, the richer the content for that first conference became. We would add a strong speaker and say “we need to reach out to our electric clients as well!” We’d identify a good topic and realize “this is such good programming, we need to open this up to anyone in the industry, not just our clients.”

And thus StoryConnect: The Conference was born. 2014… 2015… 2016… each year it got better, and the feedback continued to push us forward to create an outstanding conference focused on the needs of the communicators at electric utilities and telecommunications companies.

This year finds us at a new location with expanded content that also touches on customer service — which, I think we all agree, is yet another component of communications. (After all, it’s the customer service experience that tells so much of your story.)

Looking back over the past three years, and forward to StoryConnect 2017, I thought of a few key reasons why you should be making your way to Huntsville this year for the fourth conference we’ve designed just for you:

  • Learning: We’ve chosen speakers and panels based on feedback from past conferences, comments from individuals about their needs and our experience seeing firsthand the challenges communicator face in these industries.
  • Inspiration: It’s about more than absorbing knowledge. Hearing what your peers are doing and being exposed to new ideas will inspire you to go back to the office and try news things.
  • Networking: This is one of the most powerful parts of StoryConnect. We have seen dynamic synergies develop between people from different industries who might otherwise never have a reason or the opportunity to meet.
  • A New Experience: Okay, StoryConnect is not all work and no play. This year’s event will be held in the middle of an amazing retail development that offers more upscale shopping and dining than you’ve ever seen in one location.
  • Amazing Value: You simply will not find so many opportunities to learn, network and be inspired for such a nominal cost.

Best of all, StoryConnect is your conference. Not only is it focused on communicators, but it’s also laser focused on communicators within the electric utility and telecommunications industries. StoryConnect is for you,

To register, go here. To reserve your hotel room (hurry, the room block at the conference center is filling up fast), go here. You’ll be proud you did, and we will greatly enjoy hosting you for this special event. See you in Rocket City!