Project: Possibilities – WK&T Telecommunications

March 14, 2017By Stephen V. Smith

WK&T was in the final stages of completing a total fiber buildout to their service area. They needed to focus attention on getting members to increase their broadband speeds to take advantage of the robust new system. The best way to do so was to educate members about the possibilities fiber presents and its ability to enhance their lives.

A multifaceted yearlong campaign was launched. Members saw billboards, trucks and mailers with the “Possibilities” message, along with radio and TV spots. The marketing material featured a bold look that was paired with a simple message: “Your Future. Your Fiber.” Special introductory pricing made the offer even better. Articles in the company’s telco magazine also told the stories of people and companies in the area using the technology to better themselves.

The message resonated and was well received by members who appreciated the faster speeds and special pricing.  WK&T was able to increase the number of members on higher-speed packages.




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