Rural Telcos & Electrics

You deliver the broadband and electric services that support business and economic development, health care, education, personal growth and community enrichment. WordSouth helps you connect with your members and customers to tell your story, market your services and train your people.

Who We Are

When you choose WordSouth as your communications partner, you gain a true extension of your communications staff. While one WordSouth team member will be assigned primary responsibility for the success of your projects, a number of WordSouth team members will be hard at work behind the scenes to ensure its success. This may include writers, designers, copy editors, administrative professionals, programmers, digital media experts, photographers and anyone else necessary to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

About Our Team

Electrics and Telcos

You need to educate, inform and engage your members and customers — and WordSouth can help. We have supported electric cooperatives and rural telecommunications providers since 1996. Today, our entire staff of more than 30 writers, designers, photographers and digital experts is exclusively focused on serving telcos and electrics.

This is our sole focus.

We help you succeed in your mission:

Tell your story

What is your story? Do your members and customers know:
• The true impact you have on the region?
• That your employees are involved in their communities?
• How your services support jobs, quality of life and economic development?
• All the services you provide, and how they can improve their lives?
• New services and lines of business that will benefit the region?
• How to access and benefit from those new offerings?

You have a powerful story to tell. WordSouth can help you share that story clearly, consistently and effectively.

Market Your Services

Whether you’re promoting broadband or a new energy efficiency program, you have to make the sale. The benefit to the community, and the success of your business case, depends on connecting with people.

To be successful, you must position your offering appropriately, offer it to the available market, ask for the sale and provide a means for customers to take action. WordSouth can help you educate, inform and engage your customer base.

Train your people

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

That’s a common statement we’ve heard from electric distributors after entering the broadband business. A staff that is knowledgeable of all things broadband, and supported by ongoing training, is key to the successful launch of your broadband program.

And just like those days when people thought “getting electricity” meant having a single light bulb in the center of their home, cooperatives must help their members understand and reap the full benefits of this new offering.

“Not only have we seen an increase in engagement with our customers, but our customers that have been featured in the magazine have seen results as well. And none of it would be possible if WordSouth was not such an amazing rock star company. We are so thankful that we took the leap.”

-Mcxie Hurst, Peoples Telephone Cooperative

We have a high standard for the image our company reflects, and we trust WordSouth with any message we want to send. Their quality, professionalism, and creativity are a perfect combination! They tell our story like we would — only better.”

-Amy Phelps, NCTC

“It’s important for each of our marketing pieces to build on each other, whether it’s a billboard or a brochure. For years, we’ve relied on WordSouth to not only provide creative ideas, but to also make sure it all fits into a cohesive look and feel.”

-Brandi Lyles, FTC

“We reached out to WordSouth for help with our marketing collateral to launch our first GIG promotional offering to our customers. The advertisements were amazing and WordSouth really came through for us!”

-Joy Brown, HTC

“Our website is one of our most important communication tools, and we’re thrilled to have a partner we trust in WordSouth to build and manage it for us. They worked hard not just to design a site, but also to make sure the site met and continues to meet our needs.”

-Brad Kimbro, Wiregrass Electric Cooperative

Your Story

WordSouth engages the power of content marketing to help electric utility and telecommunications companies connect with their communities — customers, members, employees and other stakeholders. Our team of creative professionals has the experience and track record to help you realize your communications goals.

What is your challenge?